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Our staff at Princeton Animal Hospital and the Carnegie Cat Clinic is dedicated to providing our patients and clients with exceptional care in every department. Over the past year we have redesigned our departments to ensure that this philosophy reaches its fullest potential. Just recently during our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recertification, our surgical department achieved a perfect score. We strive to exceed all requirements focused on the various areas of our hospital. We can assure you that while your pets are with us, we treat them as if they are our own. Please feel free to visit to see the full list of AAHA requirements.

In continuation of our team's drive for excellence, we feel that the ultimate success of our departments begins and ends with excellent client satisfaction. Our goals are simple. We want our clients to not just feel, but know they have received the best care possible for their loved one. We feel that in order to reach such a goal we must measure our success from your point of view. This information is invaluable to us. Please feel free to include any additional comments in the available section. If you recall a particular staff member who served you, you may acknowledge him/her as well.

Thank you,
Donna Lloyd, Practice Manager
Princeton Animal Hospital and the Carnegie Cat Clinic

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1. The client services representative was knowledgeable and courteous when I called.
2. The hospital was clean, odor free, safe, and professional in appearance.
3. The technicians were knowledgeable and courteous to me and my pet.
4. My appointment was seen on time, or at least within an acceptable time frame.
5. The veterinarian listened to my concerns about my pet's medical condition and did a thorough exam.
6. The discharging procedure was done on a timely basis.
7. I felt that I received value for the fees that I paid.
8. I would recommend our services to others.
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