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  • Would you not brush your teeth for years?
    Just like if you or I didn't brush our teeth for years, pets who don't receive routine preventative dental care will inevitably develop diseased teeth and gums. Common problems include Read more
  • The Ever-Increasing Concern of Pet Obesity
    This month we are focusing on the ever increasing concern of pet obesity. According to the 2014 National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey created by the Association of Pet Obesity Read more
  • So What Can Be Done to Help Our Painful Pets?
    The first thing that can and should be done is to carefully look for any of the signs of pain I've outlined earlier this month. This list is by no Read more
  • Pain: The 4th Vital Sign and the Most Overlooked
    When most people are ill, they are accustomed to having the three vital signs evaluated: temperature, pulse and respiration. What is as equally important and often overlooked is the evaluation Read more
  • June 2012: Click it OR Ticket now applies to pets!
    Breaking news: In the State of NJ, Click or Ticket isn't just for humans anymore. It now applies to our pets. Cats and dogs and any other pet in the Read more
  • December 2011: Talk of the Town Award!
    Princeton, NJ (December 16, 2011): Princeton Animal Hospital and Carnegie Cat Clinic has been named a recipient of the 2011 Customer Satisfaction Award for Excellence in Customer Care, presented by Read more
  • Leptospirosis Alert
    Confirmed Leptospirosis Patient at Princeton Animal Hospital!We found it particularly appropriate to discuss this disease because of the recent weather we have been experiencing over the past few months. The Read more


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