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I am very fortunate to work with some of the finest doctors and technicians in veterinary medicine, at Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic. I’ve grown from a technician with limited experience to one of the lead technicians. I could not have done that without the support of management and a culture that values you as an individual.

PAH is a large general practice with the scope of abilities and resources to grow your skills and challenge you. I have a strong interest in surgery and the practice does far more than routine spays, neuters, and tumor removals. From TPLO's to splenectomies needing blood transfusions, PAH deliveries high quality medicine in a supportive and teaching environment.

PAH is also very progressive with its Practice Team Wellness Initiative. Management not only cares about a work/life balance but actually prioritizes it. You aren’t asked to stay late or come in when you aren’t scheduled. If you aren’t well physically, emotionally or mentally PAH not only notices it but gives you the support you need.

While PAH provides gold standard medicine and fantastic benefits, the reason I don’t see myself leaving, is the people I am lucky enough to work with. I truly love coming to work everyday with the best team. - Mary Beth Cullen -Technician Team Lead 

I started working at Princeton Animal Hospital in 2007. I did not have a background in canine/feline medicine and started working as a Customer Service Representative. I quickly learned how much I enjoyed working in the field of companion animal medicine and started taking an online Veterinary Technician course. I started working as a Veterinary Assistant after a year and then obtained my Veterinary Technician certification in 2009. I had the opportunity to receive a lot of hands-on training working at Princeton Animal Hospital which I believe really helped me in obtaining my Vet Tech certification. The level of training that is offered to each team member ensures an environment of increase in personal and professional growth. There is always an opportunity to further your education and skill level when you are working at Princeton Animal Hospital.

Not only is the training provided to the staff great, but the quality of medicine practiced is superior. Princeton Animal Hospital is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited facility. This means there are almost 1000 standards that are followed by the hospital and range from areas of patient care to medical records and hospital protocols. Being a finalist in AAHA's Practice of the Year in 2018 is a testament to the high standard of care that Princeton Animal Hospital adheres to. This is also apparent in how compassionate and caring the doctors and staff are with the patients.  The level of training that is offered to each team member ensures an environment of increased personal and professional growth.They are always looking out for the patients best interest and ensuring that the pets are happy and comfortable. 

I have been very lucky to work with such a great team for so many years. I truly see every one of my co-workers as a great friend. It is enjoyable to come to work everyday with a great team of staff to work with and a job that I love doing. - Allie Whartenby, Certified Veterinary Technician

Princeton Animal Hospital has been a second home for me since 2012. I started with the practice as a minimally experienced Veterinarian Technician and had the opportunity to grow into a well-rounded member of the technician team. I have had the ability to progress into the Technician Team Lead role through hard work, dedication and with the support of my superiors. The Miele's have been the most supportive and caring owners I have ever worked for. They have provided me with multiple opportunities to continue my veterinary education and advancement in technical and leadership skills.
Our hospital is full of compassionate individuals who work together to ensure the quality and consistency of our patient care. Although we are all unique in our own ways, we all come together and form a strong family bond. It is truly enjoyable to come to work every single day when you love what you do and who you work for. I couldn't ask for a better boss and hospital to work with. -Catherine Gaeta, Technician Team Lead

It's very important to have a great support system at any job.  Whether that support comes from an employee in a different positionfrom management or even an owner, it's still very important to maintain that culture of support.  Having a support system really ties the whole team together and keeps the boat afloat, even in stressful times. Everyone has moments in their life that they need someone to talk to, someone to cry to and someone to simply be there during difficult times. Here at Princeton Animal Hospital, we have that great support system where I can count on everyone to have my back whether I am going through a personal issue or I am going through a work related issue. No one judges anyone else and everyone always tries to lend a helping hand. I am very fortunate to know that the people I work with are here to support me 110% of the way! Everyone knows the type of person that I am and if they see for one minute that I am off, they will right away ask me if everything is okay.

Patient care is a top priority of mine and one thing I find very important in an animal hospital is just that; delivering the best quality of care for each patient that comes through the door. Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic is by far, the best at in patient care!  From assistants to technicians to doctors client service reps receptionists and management.  Whether we are delivering medical care or simply just affection and attention to the pets, everyone is on board and always eager to make sure every patient gets the "above and beyond attention!"  As a pet owner, seeing your pet get such loving attention makes you feel good, and it makes the pet's visit so much better because they wont remember the hospital as being a place where people are poking and prodding, but a place where they get need as well as some treats and they end up leaving happy.

Pain management is a very important aspect of veterinary medicine whether it's age related, post-surgical, or infection relatedetc. Here at Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic, we strive to minimize the pain and discomfort of all our patients through oral medications, injections, or through the holistic approach of laser therapy and canine rehabilitation or massage. We have amazing doctors and technicians that do everything in their power to make sure the animals in our care are pain free and living the highest quality of life with longevity. 

I love the culture at Princeton Animal Hospital. The people, the environment, the emotion, the care, the medicine and the quality of service is always above and beyond. - Rui Franco, Technician 

I started at Princeton Animal Hospital& Carnegie Cat Clinic in May 2014. Since day one, I have never regretted the decision to join the practice. Dr Miele is welcoming and very supportive of his staff and treats each one of us with the utmost respect. He provides a pleasant environment to work in. We are not only co-workers, we have become family and that philosophy filters into the practice. The caring nature that is instilled into all of us helps to make a pleasant experience for all of our clients, both animal and human. Each patient is treated as if it were our own.
I highly recommend Princeton Animal Hospital to all my friends and family. -Emily Cocorles, Technician Team Lead

As a new veterinary graduate, there is a lot of pressure to select a great first job, as the general thought is that it will shape the rest of your career. I personally feel that I was very lucky to have selected Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic. From the second I walked into the interview I was impressed not only by the facilities, but by the other doctors and staff. I find myself in a unique position as compared to many other doctors in my graduating class in that there is a large team of doctors who are all experienced and willing to teach, as well as have advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities beyond that of most other private practices. I've found myself merging my own developing practice style with my favorite bits and pieces from my multiple colleagues, creating a strong basis for the rest of my career. At all times I know there is someone available to consult with for advice, and I am also able to work up many cases almost to the same extent as a specialty practice would. Working at Princeton Animal Hospital allows me to develop relationships with patients and clients, and provide an extremely high quality of care while also guiding my patients through workups. It always makes people more comfortable knowing we will be able to perform all of the necessary steps for their petsfrom radiographs to full abdominal ultrasounds to multi-day hospitalizationwithout having to send them to another facility. I am overall very happy with my decision to work at Princeton Animal Hospital, and am excited to continue to learn and grow with the practice!- Dr. Kristy Stevko, V.M.D Associate Veterinarian

Here is what our master tech of feline care has to say about her time at PAH & CCC:

I truly cannot say enough about how EXTREMELY grateful I am to have been hired here over 30 years ago! Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic have given me the opportunity to learn so much about feline care in addition to learning other skills, like inventory management. I am happy to be apart of this wonderful TEAM we have here.  I also can't say enough about the people I work with, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them; they make every day a fun day and I wouldn't trade them for anyone. - Barb Hulick, Veterinary Technician -CCC

I have worked at PAH & CCC since the summer of 2015 and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for everything this job has given me; the training and continuing education they've provided me and the love they have shown me. It is quite fulfilling to experience the joy that our clients express every day to me and to be part of this family is nothing short of a gift. This environment has shown me that while most jobs and people are not perfect, it is the team you work with and the professional environment that truly creates an overall positive and memorable experience. The culture that the hospital has maintained, along with our commitment to AAHA, speak volumes about the highly skilled team we employ, the compassionate care we offer and the personalized service we provide!- Rasha Pemberton, Customer Service Representative

Being one of the newest members to the Princeton Animal Hospital family, I have discovered early on that it is the hospital’s primary purpose to create a positive experience for both its patients and clients. All team members, including leadership, are always open to diverse ideas which supports individual growth and development. The team environment provides motivation and encouragement to be your best every day. I find it rewarding to work with such caring and talented people. - Adam Weinberger, Veterinary Technician

I truly enjoy working at Princeton Animal Hospital and Carnegie Cat Clinic. Working with a group of nine dedicated doctors has been an excellent opportunity for mentorship in medicine and surgery. All of our doctors are collaborative, which promotes continued learning opportunities and benefits the patients, clients, and staff at the hospital. As someone who enjoys working up complex cases, this is the perfect general practice for such opportunities as we practice high quality medicine and have the facilities to hospitalize cases and perform advanced diagnostics and surgeries. I also love working with cats in particular and find that the Cat Clinic is unique in this area. - Dr. Goeke VMD - Associate Veterinarian 

I started my association with Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic (PAH & CCC) as a client, well over 14 years ago. I was so impressed with how competent, knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate every employee was. Being that I’m one of those employees I have an even greater appreciation for what goes into creating a work environment such as this. PAH & CCC is AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified; meaning we have reached a high standard of excellence in the medicine we practice. One of the many things required to reach this standard is that every employee - doctors, technicians, assistants and client service representatives, all have to reach a certain number of continuing education credits each year.  For instance, I recently attended a two day seminar on feline parasites. My shifts were covered and I was paid to go learn more about worms and ticks. We also have invited speakers, participate in webinars, enroll in on-line classes, and have “wet labs” where we get hands-on training.

Just as important as the employees being knowledgeable and always continuing to learn, I wanted to work someplace where the people loved animals and were compassionate towards them. Pet owners get to see how the doctors, technicians and client service reps interact with their pet in their presence. What they don’t see, and what I wish they could, is the level of respect and compassion their pets are afforded when out of view. For instance, when their pet is hospitalized or is boarding. It’s so heartwarming to see a boarding pet hanging out in the doctor’s office on a comfy bed or hear a nervous pet being cooed at. Daily, I see examples of employees treating a client’s pet as if it were their own.

I feel lucky getting to work in a place where both continuing education and compassion are valued so highly and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Kerri Smith, Veterinary Technician in the Carnegie Cat Clinic 

I have to say, Princeton Animal Hospital has got to be hands down the best place I have ever worked. I have never been able to say that I look forward to going to work each day until now. The staff is personable and deeply cares for the clients and patients who walk through the doors every day. Connecting to clients and patients is a super important part of the job which helps the client trust us to care for their pet. Which leads me into the overall environment of PAH. When I first started at the hospital in December of 2018, I thought to myself that it was going to be difficult to learn all new things and keep up to pace with all of these smart individuals. Little did I know how easy they made it for me! Everyone is so helpful and willing to teach, from the client service representatives to the doctors and everyone in-between. I never once felt “small” or like I could not learn or do something. Everyone here has each other’s backs and makes the workday nothing but positive! The room for growth and opportunity is endless. I could not ask for a better group of people to call my co-workers!

It took me a moment to think of anything negative to say about PAH. I don’t have anything specific to say about the actual hospital, but I do have to say that you have to be a driven individual to work here. You have to come to work ready to tackle the day as soon as you walk through the doors. The shifts can start as early as 6 o’clock in the morning and end as late as 10 o’clock at night or later if it’s a busy night. The last and only other thing I could see that may lead to someone thinking twice about working here, is that we do see emergencies which can get stressful if you do not do well under pressure. The team does work amazingly together to be sure no one is getting overwhelmed.

To management: Keep doing everything that you are to make Princeton Animal Hospital an amazing place to work! - Natalie Persico, Veterinary Technician

I have been working at Princeton Animal Hospital since February of 2012 and I couldn't imagine working for any other practice. Not only do we have a wonderful work environment, we are all also a family here. I started out as a vet assistant and through hard work and dedication, I have worked my way up to the critical care department manager where I spend much of my time overseeing our hospitalized patients. Each day brings something new, and our care and services go far beyond what other general practices offer including the most phenomenal care for all our patients ; whether it's a hospitalized patient, a pet here for annual vaccinations, or one of the many complicated surgeries our doctors perform. I would not have the wealth of knowledge, and meticulous technical skills I have today without Princeton Animal Hospital. Jessica Haklik - Critical Care Department Manager

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