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"Dear Ms. Kelly,
Thank you so much for setting up this shadowing for me! The experience was unforgettable, and overall super fun. The staff was extremely friendly and answered any questions I had with ease and kindness. They were able to incorporate me in small things they did and I had the opportunity to watch a tooth extraction done by Dr. Foley. I was fascinated by her work. The atmosphere at your hospital is beyond amazing. I know that each staff member truly cares for the animals that walk through the door and that is something that I aspire to be a part of in my career.
A couple staff members that I would like to thank in particular are Lin​d​say and Melissa. They were the first two people that introduced themselves when I arrived at the hospital. I spent most of my time with Lin​d​say today. She was really nice and tried to include me in everything she did. She also explained what she was doing throughout the day, which helped me understand the daily routine of a vet technician. She was so much fun to be around and it is evident how much she cares for the animals she works with. Melissa was another staff member that made my experience as amazing as it was. She was so friendly and knowledgeable.
Again, thank you so much for everything! I will most likely be back again to shadow sometime in the future because of how great the experience was.

Have a fantastic summer and I hope everything goes smoothly at the hospital!"

- Elisabeth O'Connell

"I really enjoyed my externship at PAH, I learned just about everything that they had to offer and then some. I liked the hands on experience of the whole practice from being up front at the receptionist desk, to back of the house and also being able to be in the rooms with the clients & patients as well."

- Meagan Higgins

"In part of achieving my Veterinary Assistant Certificate one of the requirements after completing the academic coursework was to complete a 75 hour externship at PAH. During the time I was at PAH I was exposed to a variety of skills and tasks such as managing a front desk, the importance of cleanliness and orderliness, client relations, pharmacy, animal safety and proper restraining techniques, animal care and how to recognize different breeds, surgical and laboratory preparations and last but not least radiology. All the staff members were very pleasant and knowledgeable who provided unbeatable level of care. The facility was beautiful and they have all the latest state-of-the-art equipment. All the staff were especially accommodating to me as I have some visual deficits and they went out of their way carving certain tasks in such a way that I was successful. It is here that I learned that AAHA is an accreditation that matters. Having this accreditation means that a practice is operating at the highest standards of excellence in animal care. To me this means that all the pets that are treated in a facility that has achieved this standard of excellence are receiving care that has passed the highest standards in veterinary care."

- Michael Clapcich

"Recently, I completed a veterinary assistant externship at Princeton Animal Hospital (PAH). PAH is also where I've been taking my own pets since I moved to the Princeton area in 2013. My experience at PAH both as a client, and extern has been nothing short of excellent. When choosing PAH for my pets, I knew the practice was AAHA accredited. I understood this accreditation to mean that my pets would receive the highest standard of care. And, when I started my externship at PAH, I was able to learn, participate, and see first hand how those standards applied to each aspect of patient care. For example, AAHA standards prevent spread of disease by implementing veterinary hospital policies that include frequent hand washing, especially after each patient, and in between patient procedures, use of antibacterial agents and disinfection of all patient areas. I learned to how to properly clean each room of the facility such as cleaning exam rooms after each patient, and cleaning treatment areas after each patient, and proper procedures for cleaning surgical areas.

Another example of how AAHA standards set the bar high for patient care is anesthesia monitoring. I was able to observe the veterinary team during surgery use multi-parameter monitoring while the patient was under anesthesia. The veterinary team, physically observed the patient, and used equipment to monitor blood pressure, respiration, temperature, and heart rate. The technicians also manually monitored vital signs just as an extra step to be sure the equipment was accurately reading the patients' vitals.

During my externship I was witness to several emergencies, and the veterinary team was amazing. The team wasted no time, and knew exactly what to do, and supplies were always stocked, and clearly labeled and easy to reach. PAH also uses the latest technology, such as digital X-rays, ultrasound and laser therapy. And, they keep up-to-date with pharmaceuticals. I was assisting another extern at PAH, who was already working at another local hospital, and there was a drug, Cerenia®, that was being administered to a patient, and she had never heard of the drug. She mentioned that her hospital didn't use it. I was really surprised. PAH had provided that drug to my cat back in 2013, when he was having digestive issues.

During an exam you want the patient to be calm and comfortable. AAHA standards keep your pets safe by ensuring humane handling. I was taught how to properly restrain different animals, even different breeds, such as holding a Dachshund requires a different technique due to their spine issues.

And, last but not least is client education. PAH staff is excellent at client education, and AAHA sets standards to include preventive care and advanced treatment options for our pets. AAHA ensures that the hospital and staff abide by the highest standards for veterinary medicine, and requires continuous review and updated cutting-edge facilities. PAH meets these requirements and more. And, I was grateful to do my externship at PAH."

- Lisa Secretario

"During my externship at PAH, I was exposed to a variety of different cases and scenarios, all that made me grow as a technician. Their state of the art equipment allowed me to help patients receive the care they needed safe and efficiently. They have early and late hour appointments that allow them to see patients when it is convenient for the client and shows their true dedication to the field. I'm so thankful I was able to be apart of the PAH team, even if it was only for a short period of time."

- Paige DeMarcello

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