In-Patient Services CCC


Sometimes an illness, injury, or surgery to a pet requires hospitalization so that our trained staff can provide critical care and monitor your pet's

condition throughout the day and night. This is referred to as in-patient service and is designed to ensure that your pet's health is overseen by experienced veterinarians and technicians until his or her condition has stabilized to the point where your pet can return home.

If the situation arises that your pet is in need of our in-patient services, rest assured that we do everything within our abilities to provide you and your pet with the most pleasant experience possible. Here is what you can expect:

  • Every client receives a treatment plan for services that we go over item by item to make sure that you understand and approve.
  • Every patient receives a written treatment sheet detailing all the necessary medication and services they will receive during their hospital stay. This sheet is checked several times a day while your pet receives in-patient care to confirm that treatments are never missed and that your pet is responding positively to our plan.
  • Your pet remains under the care of our in-patient or surgical technician team throughout its stay. This team consists of specialized, certified technicians who will take care of your pet every step of the way. Their responsibilities include general husbandry, medications, diagnostic testing, updating you on your invoice status, and creating very important go-home instructions for you when your pet is released back to your home. Our goal is to make sure our clients are completely comfortable with the services we provide.
  • Our Doctors perform complete physical exams at least twice a day. After the doctors perform these examinations, they call you with an update and discuss the progression of the case.
  • At the end of your pet's stay, a discharge time will be arranged for you by one of the in-patient or surgical technicians. Again, if there is something you forget or need later on, you can always call us. We are available to speak to you 24 hours per day.
  • After you pet goes home, you can expect our staff to keep the lines of communication open until both you and the hospital are satisfied with the recovery of your pet. Expect to receive phone calls from technicians and doctors alike.



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