Pet Insurance

What Is Pet Insurance and How Does It Work?

Pet insurance is a healthcare policy for your pet that reimburses you for many veterinary medical expenses. Much like your own medical insurance, pet insurance is a necessity for our furry family members. When an unexpected injury, illness or accident happens, having medical coverage for your pet can literally be a lifesaver. When your best friend gets sick or injured, pet insurance helps pay the vet bill. It’s that easy!

Pet Insurance companies offer various plans to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Most monthly premiums are quite affordable! When you love and care for a breed of dog or cat, that has common health concerns, having the peace of mind of pet insurance brings an enormous amount of value and comfort. You live with peace of mind when something unexpected happens or heaven forbid an accident, and you can focus on getting the best care for your pet, greatly minimizing any financial concerns. Pet insurance helps to protect you and your pet and affords you the best possible care. 

It’s terribly heartbreaking when owners without health insurance for their pet, can't afford a large, unexpected medical expense and feel their only alternative is helping their pet pass over the rainbow bridge. This is avoidable. Pets can enjoy an increased quality of life and longevity and pet owners can sleep well knowing that under most circumstances, if something were to happen to their pet, he/she would receive the care he/she needs.

Pet insurance is actually very simple! Most insurance companies now have free apps and encourage owners to submit claims through the app and clients taking advantage of this feature receive their reimbursements in just days not weeks! Pet insurance is more than medical insurance for pets, it’s peace of mind for your entire family. Don’t want to download another app? No problem! Princeton Animal Hospital and Carnegie Cat

Do some research. It’s worth it! We recommend pet insurance companies that our clients have good experiences with. Give them a call or check them out online and make sure your four-legged family members are protected! When you visit your vet, be sure to let them know you have pet insurance!

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